John Locke


As Owner/President of JLP, John started the business over 20 years ago. The business has seen tremendous success over the years and is now recognized as a leading painting contractor in the area. The success of JLP is due to John’s unwavering vision to provide each customer with exemplary customer service and a superior product. His responsibilities include overseeing daily management decision-making, and ensuring the business continues in the right direction. He heads up the advertising initiatives and keeps up with the latest industry changes and new products.

It’s imperative that we offer our customers the latest technology and painting products. We want them to know that they are truly getting the most for their money as far as the longevity of the paint jobs we are providing and that we’re applying them in the safest way possible. —John

John is married to his lovely wife Katina. They have four active children and stay very busy in their community.


Rick Gallagher


Rick has been with JLP since 1999. Beginning in the early years as a general laborer, he was quickly moved up to a Foreman, responsible for running the jobs in the field. In 2007, Rick was promoted into management and mentored by John, gaining a wealth of knowledge in every area of the business.

I built a trust and loyalty with John and he personally trained me to do it the right way, the only way, the “John Locke” way. Sharing John’s vision, combined with my continued persistence, I became the Estimator and Supervisor of the company. —Rick

In addition to many in-house management responsibilities, Rick oversees all aspects of the jobs from beginning to end. He gives the estimate, taking the time to explain in detail what our intentions are: to live up to the customers’ expectations. After getting the contract signed and scheduling the job, Rick orders the necessary materials to do the job. He brings the crew to the job-site, explaining the job in detail. Once the job is finished he completes a walk-thru with the homeowner and collects payment upon customers satisfaction. Rick also stays abreast of the the latest product information to keep JLP on the cutting-edge of the available products ensuring the best possible outcome for every customer.

Rick is happily married to Tabitha of 22yrs. They have 4 boys. Rick enjoys watching movies, football, basketball and playing video games with his boys. He’s an avid movie collector and sports card collector.